Sunset Stage

Impact - Driven Web2.5 Implementation

17.05 - 17.30

Exploring practical and purposeful applications of Web2.5 technology that create positive social and economic impact.


Coinfest Asia 2023 (Carole Juge-Llewellyn - Agenda Speakers)

Carole Juge-Llewellyn

CEO & founder
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]Joone_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Abhishek Bhattacharya - Agenda Speakers)

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Advisory Board Member
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]UmojaLands_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Marvin X. Das - Agenda Speakers)

Marvin X. Das

CEO and Co-founder
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]Quurk_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)


Coinfest Asia 2023 (Lynn Wang - Agenda Speakers)

Lynn Wang

Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]BeinCrypto_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)

Some of the top upvoted questions will be asked. Ask or upvote your chosen questions.

What were the specific culture challenges that you faced trying to generate a positive impact in your community?

a month ago

what is "impact" by your project's definition? how do you measure whether you've succeeded in creating said impact?

a month ago

How has the utilization of Web2.5 technology led to the emergence of specific practical and purposeful applications that not only drive positive social transformation but also yield substantial economic benefits?

2 months ago

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Coinfest Asia 2023 (Coinfest Asia Banner - Immersive Festival - Backdrop)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Immersive Festival - Backdrop)