Converge Stage

How Web2 Giants entering Web3

18.55 - 19.20

Explores the journey of major Web2 companies as they transition into the Web3 landscape. It delves into the challenges, opportunities, and implications of this shifts.


Coinfest Asia 2023 (Iñaki Moreno - Agenda Speakers)

Iñaki Moreno

Web3 BD Lead
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]GoogleCloudNEWNEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Martin Kurze - Agenda Speakers)

Martin Kurze

sen. technical product manager & R&I director
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]DeutscheTelekom_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Nitin Jain - Agenda Speakers)

Nitin Jain

Senior Vice President of Engineering
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]GoTo_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)


Coinfest Asia 2023 (Felita Setiawan - Agenda Speakers)

Felita Setiawan

Director of ICN
Coinfest Asia 2023 ([Agenda]Coinvestasi_NEW.svg - Agenda Speakers)

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What are some recent exciting announcements specifically related to Web3 made by your respective companies?

a month ago

GoTo launched Gopay app and acquired a crypto exchange license via Kripto Maksima Koin. so is integrating crypto payments and/or trading into Gopay app one of goto's plans?

a month ago

What is the action plan for GOTO to tackle the Web3 industry?

2 months ago

As Web3 tech gets hotter, how do you make sure your strategies stay cool enough to keep your audience interested?

2 months ago

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Coinfest Asia 2023 (Coinfest Asia Banner - Immersive Festival - Backdrop)
Coinfest Asia 2023 (Immersive Festival - Backdrop)